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converting mga lhd to rhd On top of that are parts of which the steering rack is the main thing about GBP500 from the UK wiring and triming. Our Mini was originally a LHD car that had been poorly converted to RHD by a previous owner and the pedal left as the LHD version. Sould a reader have corrections or additions they wish to share. CTS 2. 16 SOLD AS AT 19 09 2020. Left hand drive to right hand drive Hi . I want to convert it to a RHD JDM UKDM ADM Zed. RHD LHD. 1 Dash Crash Pad Lower LH OE Spec TR5 250 6 All RHD LHD to CP CC50000 812081P Aftermarket 1 Rigid Clutch Pipe 308362 1 Wiper Arm Bright Finish Left Crank 7. As fiat designed the car to be RHD the LHD version is an afterthought for this reson i think it is easier to convert a RHD to LHD than visa versa. We live in France next to Lyon. You 39 d need RHD d1 axles the knuckle is opposite to use drop in d1 axles. Thus on LHD configurations they wipe up from right to left viewed from inside the vehicle and do the opposite on RHD Right Hand Drive vehicles. I have a LHD Chevy K30 85 pickup and in order to convert it to RHD steering required under law in Australia I 39 ve fitted it with a 88 98 4wd power steer steering box. Is this a classic Sutton Bespoke have been converting American cars to right hand drive for over 25 years. Great detail goes into every RHD USA Conversion vehicle resulting in a meticulously clean factory finish with an emphasis on safety. My first car and my first mini were LHD and I 39 m good with that. I 39 m thinking of converting from LHD to RHD. It is about LHD to RHD conversion but in that process the MG is stripped showing nice pictures of the body structure at the front Nov 13 2005 A member in the Honda section E_Honda is converting his LHD civic to RHD. It has a quot male quot fitting on it where it bolts onto the front portion of the drag link whereas the old box had a quot female quot fitting on it. It 39 s a heck of a lot of work. Does anyone know what is needed to be done and how to do it etc or CONVERTING TR4 4A FROM LHD TO RHD Note These notes are intended to help those intending to convert a car to Right Hand Drive RHD for UK use. Located in Scottsdale Arizona . or double cab or even an oval in a deal with my newly 98 finished bare metal resto 1960 mga I 39 m considering buying a RHD Mini originally from New Zealand from a chap down in Auburn anyone know the car Anyway I asked a couple of local Seattle Brit car mechanics both well known to Brit Gurus but who shall remain nameless about converting from RHD to LHD and one said it 39 s doable but expensive the other said it 39 s possible but Rhd conversion kit 50 Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb Around the World 20 Tiny Houses in California You Can Rent on Airbnb in 2020 20 Tiny Houses in Washington You Can Rent on Airbnb in 2020 20 Tiny Houses in Texas You Can Rent on Airbnb in 2020 20 Tiny Houses in Oregon You Can Rent on Airbnb in 2020 the implications of steering conversion from right to left hand drive a right hand drive car a left hand drive car brake master cylinder fuse box Nov 30 2009 RHD T3 Dash is gonna be hard to come by. Do I even need to get it converted I know it may screw me up with driving but what are the legalities May 30 2017 Hi E39 maniacs This is a DIY procedure of converting Right Hand Drive Sport Contour seats from a facelift E38 to Left Hand Drive pre facelift E39 We need to disassemble the seat rails. It s currently a bit busy. RACK UP. Product Code BCA4079 MG MGA LHD to RHD conversion and back Hi folks newbie here I 39 ve tried the search function but couldn 39 t find anything on this probably using it wrongly . Head . Gut the dash area and footwells. Black reverse. Oct 10 2010 Found this on e90post. Why not buy one of them At 03 32 AM 11 09 2004 Simon Whitworth wrote Has anyone ever hear of anyone switching a left hand drive NA Miata to right hand drive I am working through the issues in my mind and am curious to know if it can be done. rofl I know i guy who transformed BMW m3 to LHD. I was wondering if you knew where to get LHD parts or if due to the fact that you 39 ve converted RX 7s from LHD to RHD you could sell me LHD parts. triumph tr6 lhd to rhd conversion. My driver and my Moke are LHD will I change my 1071 S over depends on weather I plan to keep it or sell it on. As GTO pointed out the conversion will have to be done abroad prior to export to India. It 39 s insanity to think of converting an E60 LHD to RHD. Sep 08 2016 Wow. R. Steering Conversion of Toyota Tundra from Left hand to Right Hand in Dubai Imperial Motors FZCO helps in you in converting various kinds fo vehicles one of which is Steering Conversion of Toyota Tundra as you can see in the pictures that has been converted from Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive . RobJKS Registered. I test drive them and run around in them no problem. 2020 by Hutson Motor Company Ltd. 1 550. The entire process to convert right hand drive to left hand drive is not a simple process and thus should be done under the supervision of the expert. Nov 20 2014 Depends on how well it was converted. Right Hand Drive To Left Hand Drive Conversion by udokpuenyi m 7 28pm On Mar 21 2011 Before you import those righty drives I think it is very important you make some basic enquiry concerning the conversion of the car when it arrives Naija unless you want to sell it as right drive. ck89 Registered. Yes there are more RHD cars in my shop than LHD. We had 25 years ago a substantially identical MGA LHD. 8. C. We are now one of the fastest growing conversion companies in Australia with over 300 variants of American vehicle s on offer and growing May 29 2018 I was LHD. First off you would probably want to go buy a wrecked MCS. Lhd to rhd conversion Lhd to rhd conversion Lotus Elise RHD to LHD conversion. I 39 m quite able to disassemble a dash and reassemble and am very mechanically inclined. The Elan has been built as a LHD so converting it from RHD to LHD is acceptable. PAS steering box. G. Dec 04 2015 Anyone share the process of changing a LHD to a RHD. In the 1960s when it was common to import US cars they were all LHD. Thanks. Has it been done Can it be done Costs I assume that the body allows for both LHD RHD is the mechanics mirrored on these cars or would it quot only quot require new quot front interior quot dashboard centerconsole lower footwell panels etc steering rack lights and alot of work We convert an average of 5 7 vehicles per week and appointments are strongly encouraged as our schedule does fill up quickly. Is the bulkhead the same Pedal box What else needs to be considered Bring it to lithuania there is a lot of handymen who can do it. Jan 25 2007 She wanted a RHD bus not a LHD. I guess the best way to explain it is try sitting in your passenger seat and looking through passenger side mirror you can adjust it as far as you can but it still won 39 t show enough. Was speaking to a gent in NZ that had only recently done the same thing except he used the LHD rack and with a small amount of machining achieved the result. Wednesday 25th April 2012. Personal preference for LHD seating shifting All the info out Jul 31 2016 What parts would i need to change from LHD TO RHD would it be a good time to change to a steering rack if possible The car is a 1964 BJ8 111 Edited 1 time s . AGI incorporated in 1994 has 25 years of automotive re engineering experience and has become an industry leader in the mirror image conversion of cars trucks and SUVs from left to right hand drive for almost all types of American vehicles. 00. I 39 m actually going to do it to my 66 Bug so I 39 ve started and researched the project. The vast majority of MGA were built with left hand drive for the North American Market and other nbsp Hi folks I 39 m looking to make the conversion from LHD to RHD. Nigeria is a large market where different types of cars are imported day in day out. 1965 1966 1967 Mustang Camaro or anyother car can be made to drive sitting on the Right Hand side of the car. Right Hand Drive Conversions Fabbit Customs has the skill and knowledge to convert your car to right hand drive RHD. 7 562 posts. transplant it or import just the engine transmission. 1971 USA up to Dec. A replacement instrument bezel dash pod dash trim is instaled all correct for RHD conversion. Be write me. 1 Cross shaft conversions are a cheaper alternative to a full RHD conversion however companies using the cross shaft method are still charging the same price as a full RHD conversion. CONVERTING MGA WIPERS From LHD To RHD ET 111A or vice versa MGA windscreen wipers park to the left side for Left Hnad Drive cars and to the right side for Right Hand Drive cars. 14 Jan 2019 RHD cars are few and far between but there was no way to know if it was original or a more recent conversion to RHD. Jul 07 2013 RHD Dashboard Conversion Part 1 I decided it was time to tackle the tricky job of converting the ghia dashboard from LHD to RHD. Idid notice where this car had two access panels to the steering box the correct one on the right side and a lhd panel over the cut out for the left side Dec 06 2012 04 RHD TO LHD CONVERSIONS. If I get a chance I 39 ll ask him and see what was involved. A heater core cost me 600 on my last Cherokee before the installation. Notes Due to the scarcity of MGA gauges we often have to recondition the customers own gauge. No cheap looking paper thin materials but only premium quality veneer and simulated natural looking finishes. The second was by the time I buy a RHD and do what I 39 m going to do I don 39 t think the difference will be that substantial. Try Detlef amp Nick at Autohaus phone 9763 1192 . i 39 ve been in the business of converting vehicles from RHD to LHD from japan to philippines mostly japanese cars and SUVs since 2001. But LHD to RHD is a completely different kettle of fish especially for something with 4WD AWD or turbos due to the steering column penetrating the space where the exhaust manifold needs to be. Add to cart. even though i use original brand new parts from dealer dashboard steering gearbox rack and pinion systems switches etc still the car does not feel right. 2 or something but if the car came LHD it should stay LHD. amp nbsp We also have a direct agent in the UK to make everything easy including the amp nbsp IV Japan Partner Inc. F. We Hi there this is more for Australian Mustang owners. 8 2005 Joined Dec 2 2018 39 Posts MGB LHD dashboard Europe up to Aug. reson being that my insurance is just out of hand and the difference in price between lhd and rhd is huge were talking at least 300 difference. e. If you want a bland dash pedals wheel ect and have 10k 40k extra to spend you could do it. 1956 794 nbsp Left hand drive vehicles are not generally registrable in Australia and must be converted to right hand drive. Nov 03 2010 LHD Conversion LHD Conversion and Manufacturers Changing a car s primary driving components from RHD to LHD or vice versa necessitates knowledge experience and a conversion kit and it may be more straightforward to purchase your left hand drive from a specialist dealer or check online for the best deals local car dealers may simply not know how to get hold of left hand drive cars. If your car was an older import then it most likely be using the LHD Steering Box that has been boxed into the chassis as Quentin explained but if it was a later import then it could be using a RHD export steering box that was used in the Chevrolet and Pontiac vehicles up until 1968. I had previously nbsp Good running driving 1959 MGA 1600 roadster. Furthermore included in the costing is a Rack and Pinion manual or power which continues the true RHD conversion and dramatically improves handling. LHD RHD Headlight Conversion Problem with lots of NCT failures has been badly aimed headlights now for the question will I need to change out the complete light or can the fitted LHD versions be realigned to give the right result. Any ideas and info would be welcome. I am looking to have a RHD converted to LHD as the choice of LHD cars is very limited . I am looking to buy a late 70 s mid 80 s Morgan to take to spain . I drove it for a while until I found a RHD complete dashboard inc instruments for 20. Every RHD I looked at was either rotten as a pear overpriced or completely knackered. It launches with the 32 bit dll and x32 version of the game but nothing happens in game. ANGEL EYES BLACK. Description. A lot of left hand drive MGAs have now been converted to right hand drive and these cars can be worth less than genuine UK models. Notes To convert a North American model accelerator pedal to take a cable one of the following thrott le levers Items 20 amp 21 can be used. RHD LHD JUST GOT BETTER AND CHEAPER . A semi decent conversion on a old mustang will cost 10k and that only cause the mustang is based on the falcon chassis and most if not all parts are standard for a falcon. PTardivo wrote Hi I actually want to go the other way around convert my RX 7 RHD into a LHD . Bits that Fred thinks that I will need to replace are as follows steering rack BMC PAS Has anyone done this before and can anyone give me any advice or links to people who have done this in the past. I would like to do it for the fun of it. 11 Brake pipes RHD dual line system from May 1977 Roadster from GHN5 437181 GT from GHD5 436465 12 Brake pipes LHD single line system to November 1967 Roadster to GHN3 138360 GT to GHD3 137795 A friend of mine did the conversion and said he 39 d never do it again. I feel it needs much needed TLC to make it look as close as possible to when it left the factory. So far I have built up the price of the various parts required based on Barney 39 s nbsp MGA Roadster. Before the high demand for cars which has led to steering system conversion is because of right hand drive acquisition cheapness and the belief that conversion from RHD to LHD is cheap easy and reliable. WE PROMISE TO SERVE YOU BETTER. Hey all I 39 ve been brainstorming ideas around a MKIV track race car project and researching RHD to LHD conversions because 1. We have also been building Right Hand Drive 1960 s Mustangs and continue to offer the 1967 Shelby GT500 Eleanor rebuilt in right hand drive. Considering the wild differences in Plus 8 prices in RHD versus LHD a successful effort is well worth it. American Vehicle Conversions is a Sydney New South Wales based car conversion specialist for American imports. quantity required 1. 26 Sep 2013 Thread RHD conversion. you got to rewire the ECU harness and all kinds of other work. that said the STi chassis will be ALOT stiffer and a lot better for racing. RHD cars from memory can only be registered for club use and have very limited on road use Im sure you ment LHD. Step by step photos LHD to RHD conversion of a 1965 Ford Mustang. MGA 1500 Dashboard amp Fittings. All components to convert a Left Hand Drive MGA Roadster to Right Hand Drive. Some like the Integrale and E30 M3 and worth slightly less in RHD format due to the conversions tampering with the quot purity quot of the original design. Converting Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive CF 201. Japan is RHD. All models are available at Bunce Motors as right hand drive or we can convert your existing vehicle if you require a fully compliant ready to roll right hand drive experience. I 39 m just trying to figure out if it is possible. 1500 ROADSTER. 39 14 4 4 graphite grey Re Change lhd to rhd Re Heinz 496821 Oh and inb4 anyone jumps at me with downvotes and insults for even considering desecrating an r32 by converting to lhd i do not own one yet so relax but i am planning on buying one in the near future and here are the reasons for the conversion My country is about to ban rhd vehicles so i 39 ll be legally forced to do it. 8mm Spline 151886 Jul 23 2010 Hello The guys that are MOTing my TR4 are telling me that the wipers are not working properly. If you live in Canada and have an imported RHD car that 39 s one thing or if you 39 re a rural postal worker rockin 39 an old Legacy 2. Assuming I want to get servo steering anyway how involved is a conversion to LHD If I remember right from the Defender front axle and frame should have all the brackets. I am wondering about what is involved in a do it yourself LHD RHD conversion for a mustang. None if you ask me but that is my decision and arguing over it isn 39 t going to change anyone else 39 s beliefs. Since our Defender is one of the last ROW Tdi 300 39 s it has the latest Td5 interior trim dashboard and A C panel which I believe came out in mid 2002 please see attached pi Jul 12 2014 convert LHD to RHD Got a C10 just arrived with Nova form and US log book need to do some work before registering ie MOT prep etc. The vehicle was originally manufactured as a LHD Oct 08 2017 Problem with finding and using a RHD Cherokee is when it does break down finding the parts to replace it. The RHD LHD is a non issue. Disc Brake conversion all Mustangs. It 39 s not much but it makes a big difference believe me. About 75 of buses on the roads here are imports I think and 56 are US imports so there are at least as many LHD buses on the road as there are RHDs. The only parts that I bought were 1 Dashboard 2 Carpet. When I imported it to a RHD car it should be switched to driver 39 s setting. So far I have built up the price of the various parts required based on Barney 39 s pages. Hello I would liketo convert my Vauxhall Calibra 1995 Model from RHD to LHD can anyone tell me if I import this car from UK and bring to USA how much duty I would have to pay and how much it would cost me to convert from RHD to LHD. I 39 m currently looking at a local BJ40 for sale but the car is a RHD. We specialise in the conversion of most models of MGs from RHD to LHD and vise versa if required. I wish to present my 1957 MGA 1500 Roadster finished in Glacier Blue. If you decide to purchase a RHD 403 I have all the parts necessary to build up a LHD rack except a pinion which could be available from Bristol cars . Item. The whole LHD vs RHD topic is irrelevant to split buses in the British Isles. I own 2 LHD cars now and have no problem with it but opens up the chance for my wife to drive the Pagoda if it was RHD. Stock info sufficient stock low or 1 in stock Out of stock. Or if there is some one who can sells all the parts in a shape of a conversion kit. This process will take anywhere from 3 5 business days depending on any current pending orders. We want to convert our 2006 Defender 110 Kalahari 300 Tdi from RHD to LHD in order to bring it with us back to South America it 39 s currently parked in South Africa . Part number 338812. They will allow you Convertinga LHD Countach to RHD Lamborghini Forum but why there are thousands of RHD MX 5 39 s in the world. Please send your order to email alfa historic cars. New Products from Conversion gt RHD to LHD 25 04 2009 01 14 PM. Modern elecronically actuated steering racks add much complexity to the conversion process. Jaguar E TYPE RHD Jaguar MARK II LHD Jaguar MARK II RHD Jaguar MARK IX LHD Jaguar S TYPE LHD Jaguar S TYPE RHD Jaguar XK120 LHD Jaguar XK140 LHD Jaguar XK150 LHD Porsche A C Systems. y0z Right Hand Drive To Left Hand Drive Conversion by udokpuenyi m 7 28pm On Mar 21 2011 Before you import those righty drives I think it is very important you make some basic enquiry concerning the conversion of the car when it arrives Naija unless you want to sell it as right drive. There 39 s a few LHD dashboards I 39 m look at right now but seems like there is more needed. cz. Navigation 65 66 Midget 57 Berkeley MGA RHD Sprite steering rack is the same as a LHD Morris Minor rack. except I think it would be cool to have a RHD car. These are high quality products reconstructed from used LHD versions. PAS steering hoses and reservoir. on the wiring loom i uprated the loom to take a alternator and electric fan while shorting some wires and replacing any that were to short. Please view our Vehicle List page for a comprehensive list of the vehicles we supply RHD kits. RHD amp gt LHD conversion LHD 3door levin hatchbacks that are in good condition are pretty much an utopia so I am investigating the possibility of doing a RHD amp gt LHD conversion. com The alternative is to remove the LHD features from the existing bulkhead and move the ones that just need to be moved and fit RHD donor parts to the new driver 39 s side. 1972 F100 RHD Conversion Here s a 1972 F100 Conversion we are in the midst of at the moment This is a truck we imported for a client a few years ago and a very rare example of a matching numbers 390 S code 4V big block XLT Ranger a model we never had in Australia and this is a fantastic example. And the very abnormal nbsp Home RHD Export LHD Export LHD North American Export RHD CKD LHD CKD Total. RHD USA Conversions Right Hand Drive USA is an automotive company specializing in converting highly coveted North American trucks and cars into street legal right hand drives for customers around the world. MG TF LHD conversion. Anymore input We are talking a easily 10 15k savings buying a RHD compared to LHD. Aug 16 2013 I had a quot 55 quot pre a that was originally a rhd model brought back from england and converted to lhd. In the case of converting from LHD to RHD the tacho and speedo cables may be on the short side if you have LHD items. MGA 1500cc roadster for restoration USA import 1958 lhd but easy to convert to rhd imported from the USA vin number HDL 43 504 with all the uk duty paid on NOVA . steering linkages. The panel in front of the pedals has the pressing in place that helps determine the correct positioning for the steering column hole to connect to the steering box. As there is no RHD tundras converting it to RHD and having it look the same as factory would be near imposible. To ensure that the correct gauge is supplied always quote the gauge number found on the face of the gauge. When sitting in the driver 39 s seat you should be able to reach around the side of the windscreen and touch the tip of the wiper blade when the wipers are parked. The Parking Brake valve can also have been moved to accommodate the RHD driver so it may be inconvenient for the LHD driver. This was a recent eBay item where all the parts to convert a LHD rubber bumper imported MGB were being sold to convert it to RHD. So if you got a 2 cougars one LHD and one RHD there should be no problem changing seering wheel from side to side. Hardtops should one prefer for a track build due to rigidity weight are much easier to find RHD 2. What you need Huge box where the headlight fit in Hair dryer Philips screwdriver Flat screwdriver 8 mm 1 4 ratchet 10 mm 1 4 ratchet with flex extension and normal extension aluminium sheet First remove the front Find and shop for Suspension amp Steering Conversion LHD to RHD products online at everyday low prices Image for HEADLAMP ASSY RHD UK MGA TD TF. The pack consists of the following PUMA bulkhead. But having scoured this site and the web I cannot see a step by step guide on how to do the conversion. Of course RHD Wranglers are that way also but the parts are easier to find. hi i changed my tr4a from left to right hand drive no a bad job to do . Ask the guy who converted how much time and bother it was. Can anyone familiar with headlights confirm that there is a switch to flip to convert LHD headlights to RHD If so I might grab a set fromt the US. Because of the laws here I have to find myself a Dec 09 2008 Converting a car to RHD is pretty easy due to the fact that the car was made to be RHD or LHD and so most of the parts are the same but swapped to the other side of the car. I don 39 t agree a conversion should be avoided in order to keep the cars original. Product Code ARH57 334. Ahh I misread I assumed you were doing a LHD conversion with the D1 axle. or just put up with driving a rhd i have for a couple of years now I might convert it if i go ahead with a V8 conversion use a lhd disco for some doner parts. 1955 210 93 106 594 0 0 1003. Porsche 911 Non Turbo RHD Porsche 911 Non Turbo LHD Porsche 930 Turbo RHD Porsche 930 Turbo LHD Porsche 914 4 LHD Porsche 912 E Mercedes A C Systems DIY how to convert headlights RHD to LHD and Reversed posted in DIY Guides Hi as per request of Scotty I am going to write how to open headlights and convert them. Last edited by superJoy July 10th 2007 at 17 29. Then I have just taken delivery of a 60 LHD which is a rolling shell. Is this an easy conversion for example is the bulkhead symetrical and has anybody done this . RHD TO LHD CONVERSION KIT 1988 2000 Anything you need to maintain fix and enhance your Austin Mini Rover Cooper. I have complete 61 RHD including complete dash but body work is not the best especially as I want a keeper. 6 Mar 2010 I cant help you on the Oz regulations but the LHD to RHD conversion is a doddle. 0 working with BF4. 2mm Bayonet with Push On 14. Cars 15yrs and older can be imported into Canada and be made street legal. Please Note This nut is supplied to us in two different spanner sizes therefore if buying a quantity you could receive some of each. Examples of standard costs MG B Roadster 1962 1974 1 500 Lhd rhd conversion Hi all iam looking for the parts to convert to rhd if anyone is doing the opposite please get in touch as we could swap parts or if anyone has the parts for sale please let me know They 39 re not cheap but I don 39 t think there is such a thing as a CHEAP L to RHD conversion. Mar 04 2015 For minis built before 39 89 all you need is a left hand drive steering rack FAM7307 STEERING RACK LHD UNIT move the wiper motor to the other side with the wiper water bottle move the brake and clutch master cylinders to the Left will need new brake lines from the brake master cylinder to the limiter valve BAU5655MS BRAKE PIPE KIT LEFT HAND DRIVE CONVERSION FOR GMC227 and some clutch Conversion from RHD to LHD If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. GlynMo. ex Shipping gms. hence it would look just like a factory LHD mini. H4 halogen headlamp unit 5 3 4 quot RHD WITH PILOT 9. If driving LHD suits you do it. Triumph TR2 TR3 TR3A and TR3B RHD cars fitted original with rigid steering column. Rhd Conversion Kit Sep 25 2006 I want to find a USDM LHD 240 280 Z. i believe i can buy a conversion kit for about amp pound 1000. Dash Trim Kit are the easiest way to customize the interior of your car. I would like to start a 16v project somewhere after the next summer. Should you be using these notes as a guide for converting a car for use in another country such as LHD Car conversion parts Dashboard steering rack evaporator AC heater matrix box dashboard bracket door card panel switch console centre middle console wire harness wiper arm motor linkage pedals block ignition cover hand foot brake block brake cable master brake cylinder best bet do what Jwalker said swap all the parts from the RHD into a LHD L RS. H. LHD to RHD headlight conversion Pre LCI or LCI BMW 3 Series E90 E92 Forum E90Post. 1 DASHBOARD MGA RHD. Joined Sep 26 2009 CONVERSION BRACKETS FOR THE MK2 ESCORT TO SWAP FROM LEFT HAND DRIVE TO RIGHT HAND DRIVE. This is after owning it for years selling it due to working abroad then buying it back again. Regardless of steering wheel position the turn signal lever is on the side closer to the driver 39 s door except in some European RHD vehicles where it is on the opposite side. I can 39 t seem to get Reshade SweetFx 2. The other car worth investigating for a LHD rack is a 1936 9 BMW 326 these Ouch You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. Steering Conversion of Ford Mustang from Left hand to Right Hand in Dubai Due to many restrictions in various countries people tend to convert their vehicles from LHD to RHD so it could ease the process of importation. 10 Apr 2019 Classic amp Sports Car Buyer 39 s guide MGA in the UK are imports mostly from the USA and conversion from left hand drive is straightforward. Since 1994 American Vehicle Sales has become an industry leader in the mirror image conversion of vehicles from left to right hand drive. I need to know what bits I would need to swap replace. Not quite sure what it is but have read before somewhere that you need to change the wiper arms or do something about Mar 10 2009 its not a case of quot can it be done quot but more a quot should it be done quot there are way more lhd ferraris an lambos than rhd examples a converted car is generally going to carry a stigma to it when it comes time to sell it on especially as with lhd as theres more choice around for buyers to consider conversely a lhd to rhd conversion might actually be ok as a buyer looking for rhd has less choice Oct 02 2020 Volvo Patent Filings Show Sliding Steering Wheel for an Easy RHD to LHD Conversion Slide to right. Discussion Starter 1 Dec 27 Converting a LHD wiper motor to run on RHD car. 40 42 Hurlstone Drive P O Box 7189 New Plymouth Phone 64 06 769 9664 Fax 64 06 769 9650 Email info eagleautonz. confused Opel 39 s are not imported to USA so it is not possible to bring that Calibra over here. The air conditioning Power Steering Power Windows and all electronics are all taken care of. ahh5301 mga bush for accelerator pedal. I 39 ve seen a Mercedes SL LHD R129 and was wandering is it economically worthwhile converting it to a RHD The car is a low mileage SL60 AMG and is being offered to me at a very reasonable price but i 39 m not keen on a LHD. If the complexity of that is anything to go by I wouldn 39 t attempt to have it done as it is probably going to cost the earth the main cost coming from having to relocate virtually every computer under the dash to the opposite side. i am thinking of buying a lhd triumph tr6 which has been imported from the states. This package provides you with all necessary parts to convert your Defender to a LHD puma spec from RHD. Contact us at 480 292 5426 or ecalvetti cox. we have positioned ourselves to be the industry leader in high quality functional RHD to LHD conversion company. The conversion from LHD to RHD is simple in theory but the parts are hard to find if you want to retain a steering box rather than convert to rack and pinion steering. 30 Dec 2015 It is a LHD car and there is no reason not to restore it to that spec. maybe they use different brake calipers. Doing a LHD conversion is extensive lots of work and fabrication. We will be glad to send you our quotation including the shipping cost. Dec 02 2004 Has anyone done a conversion on a new shape clio from LHD to RHD. I 39 ve just bought a new pitman arm for this box. If you need to convert the following companies are known to offer Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive conversions in New Zealand. Mar 19 2008 Although Japan is LHD and you can order LHD most folks ordered RHD since its a type of status symbol to show your car as an import. 1967 PDF catalogue page 130 The following parts are available in this group. com I converted my yellow peril 2 right hand drive I fitted Renault 5 mark 1 pedal box as I wanted to gain a servo for the brakes at the same time can do more photos if you 39 re interested but it was a long time ago you will need the Loom which plugs in behind the dash obviously different main reason for me converting was because when I fitted the 1600 engine the steering column was in the way Chevrolet Conversion Centre specialises in importing Chevrolet GMC Chrysler Dodge Ram and Ford Mustang vehicles from the USA as well as conversion of LHD light trucks and LHD cars to right hand drive LHD to RHD conversions. Swivel housings x2 . I am wondering what would be needed to change a car We can only register LHD cars here and RHD to LHD conversions are not allowed. You need RHD dash trim parts which are unbelieveably expensive speedo amp tach cables and a handful of grommets amp plugs plus a rack. Jump to Latest Follow 1 4 of 4 Posts. VAT Lucas LUB222 H1 HALOGEN HEADLAMP 5 amp 3 4 quot RHD amp LHD NON PILOT SIDESCREENS Our UK carriage charge is 15 Multiple purchases will only incur one carriage charge VAT at 20 is applied to all products and carriage at checkout Forum Main General BMX Talk Convert freecoaster from lhd to rhd khe style aba. Thanks Hey guys so ive come to an impasse. Have USA title Illinois Car is very solid and original engine turns freely but missing rocker shaft and inlet manifold . The car is generally solid and complete and was running up until 12 months ago. When I bought my first right hand drive110 I had always heard that the conversion from RHD to LHD was easy and just required the necessary parts. I am assuming in your case money is not a major issue but as I recall import taxes were over 100 . 2. The car is a LHD to RHD conversion and this is the first time the car has been MOTd. Sep 11 2007 more views on converting l h to r h drive. The Gear Shift lever will have to be dealt with as for the RHD version it is bent over towards the RHD Driver 39 s position. You could snag a RHD LHS swivel pin housing to make it work if you needed. Can anyone with some knowledge here let me Mar 06 2011 HI Guys I am looking at Buying a Countach in the near future in New Zealand we drive on the LHS all our cars must be by law RHD. They used the old steering rack and modified the brake servo links etc The company now defunct who did the conversion extended the wiring loom as far as Feb 09 2018 You can also tell by the part number as LHD parts are 8Z1 where as RHD parts are 8Z2. Strip it out. 0L 2. Hi I 39 m new to this forum So hopefully I don 39 t make to many mistakes but here we go. Sure if I could source a good factory RHD it would be a LOT easier but many of the RHD 39 s in Australia are actually LHD conversions. A nice example LHD north american market car starts 11 grand and up while the RHD with a couple flaws low miles floats around 4 5 grand Now when talking about 13 19 year old cars that are not collectors items its hard to stomach the buy in price of the LHD. I suggest you pm him and ask him about it as he is doing the work himself so he knows about it firsthand. Steering Conversion Kit LHD to RHD. Last edit at 2016 07 31 05 03 AM by dicko 54. My plan is to transfer all the good onto the 60LHD but wanting to convert it to a RHD using the 61 parts. 1964 1973. 39. Genuine MG Part 280 990 CRM2001X . Are there any kits available or is it something so non standard that I would have to have the parts manufactured and done by a commercial shop The conversion is more fiddly than difficult and some welding and cutting is required. Original Poster. Then you have to move it all over to the other side. I think that would make the car atotally unique ride. 66 SPEEDO CABLE RHD MGA amp TWIN CAM. It was brought back to the UK and has undergone a full photographic restoration by myself converting to RHD and presented in the condition you se Heel mat rubber driver 39 s floor sewn to carpet lhd td to c4256 amp all rhd td tf. I 39 v never driven a RHD and would rather have it a LHD. On anything pre 996 the compromise is that the pedals are offset to the left in an RHD model. Let me go further keeping a car which is not available in India is a pain due to problems in sourcing spares. com Dec 10 2012 LHD vs RHD it 39 s about as pointless as a discussion of which religion is better. MG MGA. Dashboard and top console steering column shaft and pedal box Dash top and crash pad Pedal box and mounting Steering column entry Front suspension and steering rack Steering rack Fabbit Customs has the skill and knowledge to convert your car to right hand drive RHD. Any minor mistake while the rhd to lhd conversion can result in some issues with not only the car but also for the people driving in The conversion kits are to be welded into place. Do you guys know of a conversion kit or would it be a totally RHD to LHD conversion a quot bolt in quot thing Jump to An R32 is a skyline. RHD 1500cc 5 speed gearbox. What I remember he said was that you can drill the spot welds off the bulk head plates and weld them on to the right hand side of the car as all the markings are there also the scuttle panel needs changed or the bits for the wipers from a rhd car welded in place of the lhd ones. Oct 07 2010 Convert LHD to RHD on an old ford Discussion in 39 The Hokey Ass Message Board 39 started by 2four6 Oct 6 2010 . RHD Cherokee parts are out there and alot more expensive than LHD ones. If you have a wiper bottle you may need to get a longer piece of clear hose to allow you to re site the bottle on the other side of the car. 2018 Silverado LHD before conversion. If you are replacing your headlights because the front plastic window has degraded and you are able to quot split quot the headlights easily you could swap over the reflector put the RHD reflector from the old lights into the new LHD headlights and quot convert quot them MG MGA Hood. My questionif I convert a RHD classic mini to a LHD in the UK prior to shipping over would an inspection of the car reveal it to be a conversion or do the factory LHD cars also have the servo bar setup. gtr lhd conversions IN SOME COUNTRIES IT IS ILLEGAL TO DRIVE RHD VEHICLES SPECIALLY IF YOU WANT TO OWN A GTR OR ANY OTHER POPULAR JAPANESE SPORTS CARS. Description Specifications E Type Series 1 4. Left hand drive to right hand drive steering conversion set. This is nonsense. . LHD to RHD Steering Conversion Kit LTR1. ByJames Gilboy October 2 2020. I am wondering if it would be feasible to have a RHD Rack and Pinon RHD dash and any other required RHD only parts sent over to America. The LHD has brake servo that wont fit behind the engine in a RHD configuration. all prices plus vat where applicable Jul 26 2018 Difference is the mirror from LHD market is on the passenger side. In house Conversions installed by us are 2325 plus tax location Cleveland TN This page provides some general information about our Right Hand Drive RHD kits. However do you really need LHD I drive a RHD Elan in Germany since more than 10 years and it is no problem at all I was born in a country that drives on the right seated on the left. 1 127 posts. If any one has done this before or if they know what I 39 m going to need please help me. We are sure it will be easy to get her up and running with little fuss. There is a locating tab on the bulb that fits into a slot in the headlight. See more LHD TR250 TR6 all e CC CF MG MGB Technical LHD to RHD Conversion I have just purchased a 1965 B that is totally dismantled. Nov 11 2016 Jeep manufactures a small amount of right hand drive RHD Jeeps for rural postal workers around the country and the rare car enthusiast. com Jul 14 2015 I spoke to a guy that done a mk2 and he said that was easy so I 39 d imagine a mk1 would be the same. D. MGA RHD to LHD. Hi Steve I 39 m the one with the LHD Corsair GT. USA There are international shipping companies listed on this site . Has anyone ever performed a RHD to LHD conversion I 39 m toying with the idea of importing a Japanese RA2 with AWD 15yrs or older . Mar 15 2005 I am converting a Mondial from LHD to RHD in Singapore. RHD Coupe dashboard also supplied. Matindi ang payo ng isang propesyonal na pag install. The amount of wiring alteration necessary varies from car to car and also in relation to the specific options fitted. We provide Left hand drive solutions. Nov 05 2018 The Process To Convert A Car From Right To A Left Hand Drive. dash center console radio shifter trim and left right kick panels fusebox and ecu trade spots Sep 12 2008 Convert a 110 rhd to lhd I 39 ve had a look at the bulkhead and it looks like there are punchouts for the steering column but I don 39 t have any previous experience with this type of mod. Joined Dec 27 2017 1 Posts . I was thinking the same thing as I found a RHD 110 with a 200Tdi but my buddy seemed quite against it. You also would need RHD car pieces you probably coulndt use the LHD parts or it would look funny. Fourways Engineering 39 s RHD swaps retain the LHD reinforcing plate on the bulkhead as well as adding the RHD one. The job was nicely done with the parts bagged and labeled and it came with a lot of quot extra parts quot . Subaru sales consultant Dont even think about converting it to RHD. 99 11. Lets start with the passenger 39 s seat first. You may have to register before you can post click the register link above to proceed. This friend does conversions on BMW 39 s as a bit of a quot hobby quot and is probably one of the best in Australia at what he does. 00 TD TF RHD 1300. Cant wind back the years too much but re painting and The front clip I bought from Japan was RHD so I had to convert. PART NUMBER 25 19 38 40. 213 months. ahh5300 mga right hand drive throttle accelerator pedal. I haven 39 t spoken to them for years but last time we spoke to clean up the conversion on my 912 they mentioned they are starting to get requests for RHD back to LHD for originality. I have just purchased a LHD 52TD from US and will change to RHD. Please search by our part number. Seems RHD racks are worth their weight in gold and are like hens teeth few amp far between We provides the best Steering Conversion services from Left hand to Right Hand LHD to RHD Cars Conversion and all kinds of vehicles conversion services in Dubai UAE. NOW YOU CAN A JAPANESE WORKSHOP THAT SPECIALIZES IN LHD CONVERSIONS ARE NOW DOING POPULAR JAPANESE MODELS THAT WERE ONLY MADE RHD LIKE THE NISSAN SKYLINES. Only about 10 of TR3 s and 2 s produced were right hand drive and most of them have been scrapped. If RHD makes you feel safer do it. He felt it 39 d just be better to find a LHD 110 instead of going through the hassle of converting. Conversion MGA. Proudly created with Wix. LPVW59 960396 SWV22DB Headlights for VW POLO 9N 01 05 Angel Eyes Black UK RHD LHD LPVW59WS Fits to VW POLO 9N version from 11 2001 to 04 2005. I just bought a front clip. Hi folks I 39 m looking to make the conversion from LHD to RHD. The only practical way to convert to LHD would be to buy a whole LHD chassis. click here to see a comparison in costs Simply remove original panels and mount the new conversion straight back into the same location. YOU CAN NOW CONVERT YOUR CARS FOR AS LOW AS 800 FOR THE PARTS AND LABOUR. 204 months Haven 39 t done the conversion myself as the car I rebuilt was an original UK car. Orientation price list in PDF HERE. Cha cha real smooth. One of the SIIa 39 s I 39 m looking at is a RHD. E. Lhd to rhd conversion Lhd to rhd conversion Looks like this is going to be the biggest issue as those companies in the UK who have one won 39 t accept my LHD rack in exchange for their RHD. . Please Select RHD LHD B Red B Roadster B Roadster Conversion B Roadster Restoration Project nbsp 5 speed gear box conversion kits for a classic MGs MGTC MGTD MGTF MGA MGB MG Price Type 2 Kits TD TF LHD 1275. The so called mirror conversion is a process of cutting the LHD panels into pieces and altering them to fit in RHD position. The dash can be converted easier on the 308 than the Mondial and the pedal box is relatively easy to move. _____ Eagle Automotive Limited. Simon. RHD to LHD is reasonably simple as I can 39 t think of a RHD car that didn 39 t have a LHD version. This code of Practice is intended as a guide for nbsp . I am wanting to converte my car from RHD to LHD while I 39 m at it. Jun 01 2009 Converting a LHD car to RHD involves far too much work and is almost certainly not worth it. To convert the headlamp from LHS to RHS all you need to do is twist the bulb a little. LHD RHD RHD. I used my MK I pedals from the original car in the LHD position and stripped the pedals out of the support frmo the RHD making a shaft to connect the two assemblies. RHD to LHD Conversions Launch. 00 each. The same wiring harness can be used in both applications. I would like to buy a second hand Tesla in a year or so but it will have to RHD There was a few reason. Conversion of a vehicle from right hand to left hand drive configuration involves modification of the vehicle 39 s brake and steering systems. now no worry of the loom not taking the extra amps steering rack made up out of spitfire r I will be ripping my NA apart and doing a full 2JZ GTE 6speed build. I don 39 t know what new parts i will be needing and which old ones can be utilized. I 39 d considered converting it to RHD but the only dashboard parts available to do it properly are on a inaccessible rusty Corsair 1500 squashed under a Falcon in an overcrowded junkyard in Sydney. I understand the RHD value thing and appreciate it I just figured buying a LHD car is a start to find out if I could live with one permantely Soul. However the conversion nbsp 12 Sep 2018 This was far more than just an MGA Roadster with a hardtop and was in fact a comparatively Even a LHD car should not put you off if the price is right converting it to RHD is not exactly rocket science and a full kit of all the nbsp Results 1 16 of 1000 This item Right Hand Drive Pedal Conversion Kit for Rural Mail Carriers On the other hand a left hand drive vehicle drives on the quot right side of Mail Carriers Monroe NC. lg at gomog. The only difference I could tell was a different ilder arm on the steering box. Probably gonna need to get it shipped from Europe or Australia. L. LHD to RHD Conversion. Was wondering if converting to RHD would this affect the 8 point rule or registering if I complete the V5 application form as RHD. The Arnolt Bristol was the only other car to use the LHD Bristol rack except a few 400 406 LHD examples . funny thing about lhd and racing circuits as a young fan I was convinced DJ couldn 39 t win in the green mustang because he was on the wrong side of the car. 02. gt Steering Conversion Kit LHD to RHD. 5L swap. I doubt anyone will commence conversions anymore save for a few RHD conversion reversals to restore value or RHD conversions where it is part of major work and a case of 39 while you 39 re in there 39 . 247 INSTANT AUTO LEFTHAND DRIVE SPECIALIST is a dedicated automotive company which converts RHD automobiles to LHD. Action. Jump to Latest Follow 1 17 of 17 Posts. Reply Reply Author. Anybody have experience on the RHD to LHD conversion Pat H. DCR has done both of his in conjunction with a friend who is an aircraft engineer. I could also rather than converting it import it and not register it i. Submitted by GuyDormehl on December 10 2014 . The result is a RHD conversion perfect for UK roads that appears as if it is a factory option. I know I can get it done through a shop but I am thinking of tackling it myself. For a quot normal quot car like the GTA I would leave it in LHD. Only problmem might be with 2. News Volvo via USPTO. Contents S790D Steering Rack X107J Dashboard Dec 28 2019 Some notes on parts needed to convert a Defender steering from right to left and vice versa Duration 12 44. RHD steering rack i think you can get away with using your current steering column but be advised they are different the LHD and RHD columns have different types of tilt adjust levers and youll need the right ignition trim to cover it 3. Slide to the left. Japan Partner always listens to you the customer for what you want and need most. Right Hand Drive to Left Hand Drive On the contrary we are routinely now finding that valuable Aston Martins that have been sold recently to overseas customers normally TBH if you see the used car prizes for RHD Morgan I m wondering if it makes any sense seen from an economical POV. Oct 11 2005 2. I will either need to seel the car or convert it to LHD. ahh5301 bush accelerator pedal mga left hand drive pedal amp cross shaft Although the pedal box is the same on LHD and RHD cars the clutch pedal is different. Most states allow LHD cars if they are over 30 years old. Hi In Lithuania we have LHD cars but my frame has big rust issues and one person offered me new one but it is from RHD car. Shortly after buying the truck I began to accumulate these parts for the conversion. I get the concept of feeling safe and if that is your cup of tea then go for it. Chassis number GHNL89941 is in transit to us from Canada and will be here in around 4 we Dec 27 2017 Converting LHD to RHD. So I need some help. Triumph TR6 LHD to RHD Conversion Kit If you have recently imported or own a left hand drive TR6 and wish to convert to RHD we can help You should not underestimate the amount of work involved if you do it yourself or the cost of labour if you have it done professionally . I had the car converted to RHD. Might be worth doing so you can narrow easily and make RHD easier as well. Same or more at least as going LHD to RHD. The Headlights on a UNIMOG meant for a RHD country will be incorrect for a LHD road system. 30949 Aau4562 British Car For Rover Mgb Light Switch Find Complete Details about 30949 Aau4562 British Car For Rover Mgb Light Switch Vintage Classic Hotrod Ratrod Hot Rat Rod Street Streetrod Retro Classic Restoration Parts Headlight Headlamp Head Lamp Light Switch For Mg Mga Mgb Mgc Austin Morris Mini Triumph Rover Jaguar Landrover British Car from Auto Switches Supplier or Manufacturer Sep 06 2011 The only legal restriction for importing the car that I would have an issue with as an immigrant would be converting it to RHD since I don 39 t really qualify for any of the exemptions for LHD vehicles. Dan Foley in 2014 Filmed Edited Music by Dan. On the early cars Pre a there is a lhd and rhd dash that bolts in . You will have to use some of your existing RHD steering parts during the conversion. Imperial Motors is premium New Nissan Cars Dealer in Dubai. You will need to find a set of LHD pedals you could reshape nbsp MG BGT MGB GT V8 MGA MGC MG Midget Austin Healey Sprite and other Classic We can convert any of the MGBs listed on this website to Left Hand Drive We have completed in excess of 400 RHD to LHD conversions to MGAs nbsp 23 Jun 2009 Hi Has anyone on here done a RHD to LHD or vice versa the concept must be the same conversion Is it as straight forward as it seems it nbsp I thought that the conversion kit information might be of use since there migration of the MGA to Left Hand Drive countries. Britannica Restorations Ltd 3 580 views Its left hand drive at the moment and I need to convert it to right hand drive. For the 8C that would cost a fortune and unless you did it properly would likely devalue the car. Ships from Kalamazoo MI Converting a MS from LHD to RHD . I think it would be a travesty to molest such a nice Samba. 278. Conversion LHD to RHD. You must love that car. Jan 14 2008 I have just completed a lhd rhd conversion of an e36 done by me personally . About US 247instant auto left hand drive specialist is dedicated to ensuring that RHD cars are converted to LHD by professionals. They used to do a lot of LHD to RHD conversions. That makes this conversion price 1400 3150 USD or 1000 to 2000 pounds. Vehicle Type Approval N. 99 inc. Ang mga angkop na tagubilin ay hindi kasama hindi kami nagbibigay ng mounting service. The vast majority of MGA were built with left hand drive for the North American Market and other places with a smaller number built with right hand drive for British and a very few European markets and in Australia. do i need the servo i asume RHD pandas dont need it. This has the potential to seriously affect the safe operation of the vehicle in the following ways Steering can disengage during motion lose control and cause accident and that conversion is I shift in and out of RHD and LHD all of the time never yet tried the door bin in either The pedal offset is the key here ALL Porsches as far as I know were designed as LHD so RHD is always a compromise. Firstly I already owned the 1973 LHD car in the US. It is a MK VI so the brake booster is on the right. weight shown for shipping purposes only may not be actual weight of product. Deposits are required to have your vehicle specific RHD kit manufactured. The vehicle was manufactured as a LHD vehicle in the UK then shipped to the USA. The last Cadillac Factory RHD for export built in USA was in 1942. Haven 39 t really found any good project threads about this so maybe people can fill this up to be a quot complete guide quot . We used to convert the Hummer H2 in the UK for several customers both here and overseas. However the Re Conversion from LHD to RHD To add my 39 tuppence ha 39 penny 39 to what 39 tjmra 39 Joe R has listed above about things that may need to be changed if you convert from lhd to rhd If you have a toughened glass windscreen the 39 clear zone 39 on the screen will be on the wrong side after the conversion. There are Nov 11 2004 I would also be looking for LHD 2 RHD conversion for the 86 does anyone know of a company that does that year I was in touch with Crossover buth they don 39 t do 198x 39 s. The sequence of the work can be seen from the pictures but it is something like this remove frontwheels remove clamshell 1960 mga coupe trade for splitty or oval by gerald2613 Mon Feb 03 2020 12 47 pm hy all hope this ad is ok i am after a splitty . Labour cost is estimated at about US2 500. The photo shows a new slot being filed into the headlight using a handy thin file that came with a pack of very handy needle files. Get all types of brand new Nissan car including Sunny Altima Patrol Pathfinder X Trail Maxima Civilian Navara Hi In searching the source of my water leaks from under the wiper area I discovered this site. It meant your clutch foot was pretty much under the heater. net. Is the mga still for sale from Dominique dated 06 january 2018 Hello We would be interested in your MGA 1960 MK1 Roadster 1600 RHD. Is it very difficult to convert RHD frame to LHD Everything axles steering column and other bits will stay mine I would change only the frame. Required Qty 1. Canadian MGF importer right hand drive RHD to left hand drive LHD We are in a different era to the likes of the MGA. The Latest. While RHD dashboards are plentiful it s not a particularly easy task taking the old dash out specialists tend to use a spot weld drill and an angle grinder. Convert from RHD to LHD posted in Performance and Technical Hi Guys Currently in the process of performing a full restoration on my MK4 R32. In the end I found a very good LHD and decided to convert it which for me anyway was no big deal. The bulkhead on 1983 Defenders is setup to be either left or right hand drive later model bulkheads are quot sided quot and gt Dashboard MGA gt Dashboard RHD Steel New Dashboard RHD Steel New X107J. Must have been ok as the changeover in NZ has to be inspected before okaying the conversion. With the ability to approve both new and used vehicles American Vehicle Conversions can assist you in converting your dream car sooner. i have quite a lot of mechanical skill but wondered has any experience advice regards this DIY conversion amp nbsp Coupe to fastback RHD conversions is 25 500 Dynacorn Body RHD all new from front to back with papers 29 500 Original Factory Fastback price to be determined. Sure the doors are on the wrong side but does it really matter it 39 s for having not selling. We have seen more and more requests for conversions kits or customers asking us to convert vehicles from RHD to LHD. Ask also if he has all the old LHD parts he swapped out. Indistinguishable Completed right hand drive Raptor interior looks as though it s come straight from the showroom floor. mark d Oct 3 2013 11 Let 39 s price the mechanic at 70 hour. Don 39 t know enough about th T3 steering box and arm deal to comment on that however theres a conversion to a T1 beam article in HVW 39 s I believe. We would be happy to find the joys of our trips in MG. For sale an excellent MGA 1960 MK1 1600 LHD Project car. THESE ARE MAGNUM SUPPLIED PANELS. Postal workers on rural routes have to use their own vehicles for delivering mail so they either have the option of converting their left hand drive LHD vehicle or buying a factory made RHD vehicle. This can be done to varying levels of neatness. MGA 1956. to R. I 39 m guessing you have a car you want to take with you to a country that drives on the opposite side of the road. These gauges are becoming increasingly difficult for us to obtain . MG GS MG HS MG ZS new model MG ZS EV MG3 MG3 2018 model MG6 Service Kits MGF MG TF MGA MGA TWIN CAM MGB MGC MIDGET MG RV8 Race Rally MGB amp MGC TA TB and TC TD and TF ZR ZS Rover 75 amp ZT V8 260 ZT Powerflex Rover 25 Rover 45 Rover 75 Lotus Elise Mazda MX5 18 80 Aerosol Paints Austin Healey BMW Mini DH Moth Featured Brands Jaguar mazda MG5 Jun 29 2017 To convert to RHD the old LHD dashboard will need to be cut out and replaced with one where the instruments and glovebox are on the correct side. You can have a rest and please slide to verify. ALL CARS VAN SUV ARE CONSIDERED. Discussion. converting mga lhd to rhd